Safeguard your bottom line with seamless pre-authorisation.

With Rapidauth, you can protect your cash flow by ensuring your business always has the ability to recover cash from customers when things go wrong.

Hold money in under 60 seconds.
Financial uncertainty removed.
Streamlined customer experience.

Enabling financial security for all types of business interactions.

Capturing cash deposits

Pre-authorise the full amount on card instead of taking cash deposits. Charge or release with one click when ready.

Card pre-authorisation

Place a hold on the customer's card to be partially or fully released to the customer later with no fuss and no risk.

Credit card validation

Instantly validate credit card details using a small pre-authorisation instead of navigating the risk of a $0.01 charge.

Payment detail storage

Securely store payment details in the cloud to protect your customer's payment and personal information.

Financial security when things go wrong

Holding, or pre-authorising, cash upfront protects your business in scenarios such as loss of equipment, accidental damage, and fraudulent payments.

Alleviate administration overhead

Automatically track and execute the entire pre-authorisation and payment flows for customers with scheduled releases and saved customer information.

Customise to meet your exact business needs

Modify the look and feel for your customers, setup the processing flow to support your business model, add your staff to manage the system, and much more.

Cyber security protecting your customer's data

Our unique approach to cyber security means your business can have full access to processing cards without ever seeing the sensitive card details.

Helping equipment rental companies maintain inventory.

Implementing a digital hold and release process keeps you covered when equipment is lost or broken.

Avoid complex deposit interactions
Reduce credit card fraud risk
Automate security deposit process
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Streamlining check-in processes for accomodation providers.

Assisting with a rapid collection and refund of pre-authorised hold amounts.

Eliminate check-in issues and delays
Instantly charge for incidentals and amenities
Automatically release holds at end of stay
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Combining great customer experience and financial security.

Simplify the process of securely capturing and storing credit cards for reservations, bar tabs, and more.

Avoid the need to store physical credit cards
Hold money (instead of deposits) for reservations
Assurance that payments can be collected
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Keeping things predictably easy with support for all major vendors.

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Perfect for small businesses and occasional use cases

SMS, Email, QR Code
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Plenty of configurations and flexibility for all use cases

Custom branding & legals
ID capture & verification
Authorisation forwarding
Unlimited users
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Rapidauth keep my customer's data secure?

We have a deep integration with a trusted third party payment processing gateway called Stripe (PCI-DSS certified) that processes more than 250 million transactions every day globally.

Can I charge customer cards that have I have collected?

Yes. You can create one or many charges on customers at anytime. If you are transitioning from a spreadsheet or paper-based solution Rapidauth provides you the same flexibility and control that you currently have, with the added benefit of locking away and securely storing payment details.

My use case is not listed, can you help my business?

Absolutely! Rapidauth is designed to help any use case where money needs to be held, cards need to be charged, and payment information needs to be securely stored. We update the Rapidauth solution everyday so if you are missing specific functionality please let us know and we'll provide it within days.

Can I talk to someone in my country about this solution?

Currently we have staff in both the US and Australia who available to do a demo over video call. if you'd like to call us, reach out on +61 1800 952 550 or alternatively  email us anytime at

Can I test the solution for free without providing my credit card details?

We currently have a free plan available (that does not require any credit details). When upgrading to the Business plan, a credit card is required and the Business plan can be trialled for free for 7 days.